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Title: ICDIM - Call for papers eGov Special Track
Posted on Apr 16, 2008 - 03:46 PM

Third IEEE International Conference on Digital Information Management
(ICDIM 2008)

November 13-16, 2008
University of East London, London. UK
Sponsored by IEEE

Special Tracks

eGovernment and eParticipation at the crossroad: how social software, SOAs and semantic technologies transform the citizen-state interaction

Public administrations are considered the heaviest service industry worldwide. However, they are far from satisfying their constituents as they usually operate in an ineffective/inefficient way. EGovernment and eParticipation research aims to refocus the government business to its clients, being citizens and businesses and provide the models, technologies and tools for more effective and efficient public administration systems. This citizen-driven government:

a) Provides to its users an electronic, one-stop and personalized access to the maze of public services (MyGov portal) and at the same time substantially improves its internal administrative efficiency and capacity (eGovernment).

b) Facilitates and gives voice to the citizens/businesses to participate at the public policy formulation and at the design phase of the service provision while allowing later the evaluation of the implemented public policies and services by the users (eParticipation).

Although a great progress can be reported during the last decade there are still important challenges to be addressed.

The track aims to bring together researchers and practitioners from different subject areas including enterprise architectures, interoperability, semantic web, semantic web services, social software, and foster discussions about ongoing research and experience in the following indicative areas:

* Service Oriented Architectures for public administration
* Semantic Web and Semantic Web Service technologies
* EGovernment strategies and national programmes
* Social software for eParticipation
* User generated content for eGovernment and eParticipation
* Enterprise Architecture design and implementation in public organizations
* Models and ontologies for eGovernment
* Personalized and modular one-stop portals
* Cross-agency service composition and monitoring
* Semantic and organizational interoperability for eGovernment systems
* Use of sensors and real-time data for decision systems (e.g. environmental, traffic systems)
* Citizens’ feedback mechanisms
* Social tagging for eGovernment/eParticipation
* Assessment, evaluation and quality of e-services
* Electronic ID, access control, security and trust
* Pan-European eGovernment services

Track co-Chairs

Vassilios Peristeras, National University of Ireland Galway, Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI), Ireland –

Konstantinos Tarabanis, University of Macedonia, Greece –

Details can be found in

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