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Public Deliverables

Restricted Deliverables

No Title Date
D1.3 Conceptual Analysis Report Aug. 2006
D3.1 SemanticGov Architecture v.1 Oct. 2006
D4.1 Conceptual PA domain Modelling Apr. 2007
D5.1 Design and development of SemanticGov software components v.1 Aug. 2007
D6.1 SemanticGov showcases design, and implementation Apr. 2008
D8.1.a-b-c Assessment and evaluation of project progress and results Dec. 2006
Dec. 2007
Dec. 2008
D10.1 Periodic project reports Quarterly
D10.2 Interim Report Jun. 2007
D10.3 Final report, and Technology Implementation Plan Dec. 2008

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